Why use silicone products for babies?

Silicone is the ideal material for baby products. Silicone baby bottles are neither breakable like glass baby bottles nor an environmental hazard like plastic baby bottles. Silicone is hygienic, hypoallergic and biocompatible. It does not react with liquids and gases around it, nor does it have its taste or smell. There is a reason why the FDA considers it ideal for use in products for babies. These are baby bottles, baby teethers, baby bath brushes, baby toys, and baby feeding products.

Properties that make Silicone stand apart

Benefits of silicone products

The properties of silicone make it ideal for use in baby products. Let’s explore how it benefits the babies and their moms alike.

  1. It resembles natural feeding – While babies may not have a developed sense of sight, they are sensitive to touch. Silicone baby nipple is soft and can be designed to imitate a natural experience for the baby.
  2. Can survive microwave and dishwashers – Silicone baby products can be maintained hygienically as they are safe for use in a microwave and a dishwasher.
  3. Unmatched durability – Your baby is experiencing teething, and they can not help chewing everything that comes their way. Thankfully silicone products like nipples, teethers, and spoons are durable enough to withstand mishandling. Silicone products last way longer than their plastic and glass counterparts.
  4. Silicone is BPA free – Not every plastic is BPA-free. As different plastics come in contact with our food and water, the risk of BPA exposure is always overhanging. Silicone is worry-free when it comes to BPA exposure.
  5. Safe for babies – Your baby is learning to practice their reflexes. Only some attempts are going to be perfect, and items are going to fall on the floor. Silicone is resistant to falls.
  6. Silicone products are rubber-like – They do not scratch or cause any damage to the baby’s skin. They are flexible to use and are tough enough to last long.
  7. Stain and odor resistant – Silicone is a non-porous material. It does not retain color or odors. Your baby will never get a whiff of things that touch the silicone product before each wash.
  8. Designs and colors that attract kids – Silicone products can have various designs and colors. They are a superior alternative to conventional baby products.
  9. Lightweight – Your baby loves to throw their cups, bibs, and bowls. You like to have lightweight products because they are easy to carry when you travel. Silicone products weigh lighter than other materials.

The buttery soft, and comfortable silicone is a boon for all baby products. It is safe and is the most natural material available for baby products. It is easier on your baby’s skin. It is safe for the environment and promises a less polluted future for our planet.

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